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Although it is difficult to separate from your significant other, some issues can’t always be resolved and it might be necessary for you to get divorced. While divorcing can help you get closure and will allow you to take the next step in your life, there is a lot that will be on the line. From dividing your home to separating other valuable assets, getting divorced can leave you vulnerable to many different unforeseen obstacles.

At Lord Hoosier, PLLC, our attorneys are committed to helping families transition during their divorce. We have years of experience guiding our clients through their divorce in the most amicable way possible. Many people assume that all divorces are contentious and that every spouse makes it difficult for the other. Our lawyers are familiar with what divorce cases are actually like, and we know there are many different types of divorces that can be used to separate from your spouse without having to go to court.

We take on the flowing kinds of divorce cases:

  • No-Fault Divorce: This form of divorce recognizes that both spouses contributed to the breakdown of the marriage. No fault divorces are suitable for couples who don’t expect that they will have to fight about how to divide their assets.
  • Uncontested Divorce: In this type of divorce, the two spouses work together to resolve the terms of their divorce settlement. Uncontested divorces are usually settled fairly quickly, and often don’t require hearings, settlement negotiations, or other types of court procedures.
  • Contested Divorce: This kind of divorce is the typical heated and combative separation that you often see on TV. Contested divorce usually involves the two spouses hiring separate attorneys to take their settlement disputes to court for a judge to make a ruling.
  • Mediation: A neutral third party hears both spouses’ reasons for wanting to separate. However, the mediator does not make a decision for the couple, and instead facilitates a discussion between them that will hopefully help them reach an agreement that will guide the final divorce judgment.
  • Collaborative Divorce: Each spouse retains legal counsel and signs an agreement stating they will work together to come to a divorce agreement. If the spouses can’t agree, both of their attorneys will withdraw from the case, and the spouses will have to start the divorce process all over.
  • Summary Divorce: This type of divorce is a good option for couples who lack substantial assets, don’t have any children, and weren’t married for very long. Summary divorces simply require each spouse to fill out and file a few forms.

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